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​Christian Formation

Christian Formation for All

We use the term “formation” to refer to Christian education, but it means more than just education. “Education” implies a finish- a person graduates and receives a diploma or certificate and moves on to the next stage of life.  “Formation” implies a continuous, life long journey-always questioning, wondering, learning. We are constantly being formed as Christians as we strive to define our personal relationship with God and seek a closer relationship with Him. At Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, we are strongly committed to Christian Formation and the opportunities to take ourselves into deeper spiritual fulfillment. As well, we hope to foster a community within and among our children where they feel safe, happy, and intrigued by the possibilities of their faith in their own lives.  

Christian Education is offered to all ages, beginning from infant care to adult classes.  The children are divided by age - infant through 3 years old, grade levels, and topic classes for adults to engage in formative classes and discussions on a variety of topics.

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