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The Evangelism Commission ministry is responsible for attracting, welcoming, and incorporating new members into the church life. How will people outside our parish know how warm and welcoming we are, if we don’t tell them? And more important, we share the warmth and welcome of Jesus Christ. The commission encompasses several components.

The Sunday Greeters are responsible for welcoming new visitors and returning parishioners to the Sunday morning worship services and distributing Holy Comforter visitor bags. Greeters are usually scheduled to serve at one service a month.

The Bread Bakers Ministry is responsible for providing the bread that is included in the
visitor bags distributed to new visitors and returning parishioners. Bread makers usually
bake bread three to four times a year.

The Church/School Ministry is responsible for supporting and enhancing the
relationship between Holy Comforter Church and HCES through staff appreciation,
student gifts, and community building events. This is a ministry vital to our combined

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