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Worship ministries involve a variety of activities that support the worship service.

There are Readers and Acolytes that assist the Deacon in setting the table and

reading the lessons during each service. Contact the clergy if you would like more

information about being a Reader or Acolyte. Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic

Visitors, and Intercessors are selected and trained by the Deacon as well.

Ushers are available at the 10:30 a.m. service to seat late arrivals, recognize any

special needs of congregants during ingress or egress or when receiving the Eucharist.

The Altar Guild prepares the altar for the Eucharist. Specific duties include preparing

the altar, cleaning up after each service; maintaining the linens, and polishing the

brass and silver. In addition to regular church services, guild members prepare for weddings and funerals as well as school Eucharists several times a year.

The Flower Guild uses flowers to make the Church more beautiful and to

honor and bring joy to friends and parishioners. Special flower arrangements

are used for Christmas and Easter.

The Choir and Music ministry includes both vocalists and instrumentalists.

They rehearse weekly and participate in the Sunday 10:30 a.m. service.

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