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Youth Group

Youth Group (Middle and Senior High School) 


Youth Group meetings for middle and high school students are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Led by our new Youth Director Randy Winton, the youth grow in faith, learn to serve others, and share their faith with friends. The students hold lock-ins, plan and participate in mission trips, and conduct Youth Sunday services during the 10:30 Sundays on the fifth Sundays during the year.

Randy Winton
Youth Director


Sella Kinch
Associate Youth Director


Logan Kinch.jpg

Logan Kinch
Youth Group Volunteer


Youth E-Mail Newsletter

Youth Adventures...

By now, you've probably seen the portables outside of the church. In just a few short weeks, the ministries at Holy Comforter will have new, larger spaces to fill with love and light, and the youth are pretty darn excited about it! Moving into a new building will definitely be an adjustment, especially when you consider all the other changes the youth group is currently experiencing.
To hit on the key points, we have 1. a new Associate Youth Director, 2. a new Youth Intern, 3. a new building, and 4. a new weekly routine/meeting time! 

As usual, we'll have youth group this Wednesday from 7:00-8:30pm in Mercy Lounge. We'll continue with a discussion on doubt, faith, and the absolutely "okayness" of having one, both, or neither at different times in life. See you Wednesday! 


And, as always, I'm pretty easy to get in touch with.  Feel free to call, text, or email me - my phone number is 850-544-6939, and my email address is   -Grace Ellen

Upcoming Activities:

Wednesdays : YOUTH GROUP 7-8:30

Wednesday Night Weekly Routine

We meet from 7:00-8:30 on Wednesday nights, unless otherwise notified (such as when Leon County Schools close for severe weather). As of right now, we are meeting in Mercy Lounge, but this will change once the portables are officially installed.

Dinner:  In the past, we have served dinner at youth each Wednesday night. This year, however, we decided to try something a bit different and only provide dessert/snacks for the students. The kids know that we are here to help, though, so those who may not have food at home know that they can always come to us for help getting a meal.

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Weekly youth group is great, but much of the spiritual growth our students experience comes through smaller meetings with each other and the adults. Whether it's sitting down for a cup of coffee, grabbing breakfast before the insanely early high school start time, or going on a hike, we are here to meet and know the students exactly where they are.

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