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Rector Search Timeline

Search Process


Progress & Plans


- Vestry selects Search Committee members
- Search Committee commissioning
- Canon of the Ordinary visits and advises on path forward


- Parish completes survey
- Search committee members available after services to receive input and answer questions
- Search Committee gathers additional information from Diocese and other parishes


- Search Committee receives training
- Based on survey results and feedback received, the Search Committee prepares materials:
    - Survey Summary
    - Parish Profile
    - Episcopal Office of Transitional Ministry Portfolio
    - Job Posting for Episcopal News Service
    - Website materials


- Advertise job and update website
- Diocese and Search Committee receive applications simultaneously
- Search Committee conducts initial virtual interviews on a rolling basis
- Search Committee teams visit and conduct face to face interviews with top candidates
- Diocese checks records and work history


- Search Committee recommends top three candidates to Vestry in order of preference
- Vestry elects the candidate and presents selection to Bishop (along with 2nd and 3rd choices)
- Upon approval, Vestry negotiates with and hires the new Rector

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