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Through our Finance ministries, volunteers help the Vestry, Clergy, and Financial Manager to establish budgets, track finances and raise funds for church operations and growth.

The Stewardship Ministry organizes, advertises, and encourages pledged giving from
our congregation. This entails working closely with the finance committee in preparing
the next calendar year budget. The annual campaign typically starts in September with

preparation of new pledge cards, written commentary about the needs of the church

and spiritual aspects of giving. A dinner is organized as a celebration of the kickoff and

as a thank you for pledging. Most of the physical work for the committee is in the

dinner. Members also provide follow-up in collecting pledge cards.

The Finance Committee oversees spending and monitors the church’s adherence to the Vestry’s approved budget. Normally meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month so that financial statements can reviewed and ready for the monthly Vestry meeting. The budgeting work is fairly basic, even if you do not like accounting, and is a good way to get an idea of what it takes to operate a church financially if you have not participated in this type of committee.

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