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Our Vestry

The Vestry is the governing body of the parish, responsible for all business decisions. It consists of seven elected, voting members, a treasurer, and a clerk.


Vestry members serve for 3 years in staggered terms. Two or three new members are elected each year at the Annual Parish Meeting. The Rector then appoints a new Senior Warden and the Vestry elects a new Junior Warden. You must be a communicant in good standing and do not have to wait to be nominated. If you are interested in serving, talk to any vestry member.


The Vestry meets Second Tuesday of each month, 6 pm for Communion and then 6:30 pm for its meeting.

2023 Vestry

Judy Shipman
Chris Jester

Jackie Watts

Sterling Luce

Jenna Brown

Susan Robinson

Robert Efthim

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