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Book Club 

This is a social activity with refreshments available, and guests are always welcome.  Any kind of book – fiction or nonfiction – is eligible for consideration. Participants are responsible for suggesting and selecting titles for each of the next three months ahead.  The group meets on the second Sunday of every month at 5:00 PM in the church lounge. 


Our choices for the year just past included serious historic fiction, lighter current fiction and best-sellers, murder mysteries, and one contemporary classic.  Once a title has been selected, information about the author and title is made available to the individuals who are currently on the e-mail notification list. Typically, there are three notices or reminders sent every month to members.  Non-members are always welcome, and information about our meetings is regularly posted in the church bulletin and the E-Dove. 


An (almost!) complete list of all of the 200+ books the group has read since the group was initially organized in 2000 is readily available on request.

Book for May (current):

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store

USA, Historical Fiction. Written by James McBride.


Book for July:

Margaret: The Rose of Goodwood

USA, Biography. Written by Donna Meredith.

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Book for June:

The Women

USA, Historical Fiction. Written by Kristin Hannah.

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Book for August:

The Secret Book of Flora Lee

USA, Historical Fiction. Written by Patti Callahan Henry.

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