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Our Clergy
Our rector is The Rev. Dr. Allen Hill, who joined us in February 2023.
The Rev. Beth Pessah joined us as associate rector in July 2018.

Our Vestry
These seven parish leaders are responsible for assisting the rector in leading the parish to a stronger Christian ministry and a strengthening of our faith. The vestry is responsible for the financial affairs of the parish and, in general, acts as a board of directors. The members serve three year staggered terms.
Our Staff
We have a dedicated group of full-time and part-time paid staff members, as well as office volunteers.
Our Facilities
Our beautiful church is located at 2015 Fleischmann Road. Within the church building include the fully-equipped Crittenden Parish Hall, office, nursery, classroom, and lounge.  Adjacent to the church is the architecturally compatible school campus for Holy Comforter Episcopal School.
Our Publications
There are several different ways Holy Comforter communicates with parishioners and the community.  Our seasonal newsletter, The Dove, is provided through the U.S. Mail, and may also be accessed as a PDF from our home page.  Our seasonal magazine, The Dove is mailed to everyone on our mailing list. A weekly newsletter, the E-Dove is emailed to everyone. The sign-up form to receive The eDove may also be found on our home page.
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