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Altar Guild


The focus for the Altar Guild is the Eucharist . . . for which we set the table, clear the table, and do the dishes! Actually, it's a bit more than this as our primary purpose is to prepare areas and occasions for worship. These areas are most often the Altar, but can include other places such as the Parish Hall, and even outdoors as at our annual picnic. The occasions are most often regularly scheduled worship, but also include special events, weddings and funerals. The Altar Guild is responsible for the care of vessels, vestments, linens and other church furnishings used in worship. It is our ministry to see that these items are cleaned, repaired, polished, laundered, ironed and properly placed for use by the clergy in worship. Here at Holy Comforter we use a team approach.


 This ministry is open to anyone who is willing to make a commitment and who enjoys the quiet satisfaction of a job well done! The Altar Guild is looking for some new volunteers to take part in this important ministry. For more information, contact the church office or Dawn Lynch.


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