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Caring for the Church


Lawn Care - Led by Charles Futch, Ernie Roaza, John Green, and Ricky Turner; the Law-n-Order ministry maintains the Church grounds including mowing, weeding, trimming and general lawn cleanup on a weekly basis during the summer and on as-needed basis during the remaining seasons. We need volunteers (especially during summer months) who are "inspired to perspire" in the Florida sun - all for a good cause. 

Garden Guild - Led by Susan Robinson, the Garden Team maintains the Labyrinth Garden and vegetable garden, adding trees, plants and flowers to increase the beauty of the landscape surrounding the church. Vegetables are shared through the Food Pantry. 

Brotherhood of Holy Comforter - Led by Chris Jester; The Brotherhood is a social and spiritual meeting place for the men of Holy Comforter inspiring fellowship, prayer, and service to each other, our Parish, and the world.  All men are welcome. 

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