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Cleaning Nature

Serve Within your Local Community

Click on the pictures of the options below for more information on how to get involved!

Vegetable Market

Food Pantry Volunteers do a multitude of tasks ranging from inventory and placing orders to operational tasks, setting up and dismantling the distribution center every week.    

Cemetery Clean-up

Image by Waldemar

Hickory Hill Cemetery is the main burial ground for African-American families that lived and worked as tenant farmers on Welaunee Plantation. Since our church was built on land that was once part of that plantation, we regularly engage in service projects to clean up, maintain, and protect this historic grave site.

Grace Mission

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Volunteers serve on a regular basis at Grace Mission, our local ministry to the homeless and disadvantaged of Tallahassee. Our teams help to prepare and serve meals; sort and provide clothing; assist with laundry and showers; help with health and hygiene campaigns; and give other practical support for those in need.  

Disaster Relief


When the local community is hit by disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, we seek to respond to the physical and spiritual needs of those who are impacted. We help with cleanup, provide temporary shelter, and connect people with the resources they need to recover.  

Environmental Care

Image by Photo Boards

As Christians, we are committed to being good stewards of God's creation. Through both education and hands-on activities, the Creation Care team advocates for environmental concerns, sustainability issues, and conservation. 

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